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Step1, how to convert DVD to iPod video with Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter(Suite)5.05 or later?

Step2, how to import the iPod video to iPod with iTunes?

Step 1,
Convert DVD to iPod video with Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter(Suite)

Tools required:Latest Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter or iPod Converter suite

Launch DVD to iPod Converter, you will see the right UI.
1. Open Cucusoft DVD to iPOD Converter. Choose the profile (output format), encode speed, and set the output folder. You need to set the output folder to your hard disk.

2.Insert DVD to DVD-ROM

Click "Open DVD" button on the skin or choose "menu>file->open dvd "

3. Set the Basic Input setting Audio track, Subtitle on the menu of the preview screen.

Move the start to the position you expected.

Play the title you want to record, it will pop up the following window, choose "record from movie start point" and output file size

4.If you have not start recording the dvd at step3, you also can click "record" button to record when the movie playing to the place you expected




If you are using itunes7, please go here
If you are using itunes6, please go here

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