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how to import the PSP video to PSP with Cucucsoft PSP Manager?

Import the PSP video to PSP with Cucusoft PSP Manager

Tools required: Cucusoft PSP Manager

1.When the converting finished, this window will pop up. If you want to  upload the output file to PSP right now , please choose the second option. The program will load the Cucusoft PSP Manager automaticlly . If you choose the first option, you can upload the file by lunching the Cucusoft PSP Manager Program.

2.Please make sure: A. Your PSP/Memeory Stick is connected to your PC. B.The PSP is power on. C.The PSP is in USB mode.




2.After your PSP connected to pc,  you will see the following right UI.

3.Choose the video you converted, click the "upload to psp" button. The file will be transferred to psp.




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