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Q: What's the limitation in trial version of Cucusoft converter products?

The limitation in the trial version is that there is a watermark on the output video . Otherwise, the functionality is exactly the same in the trial version and full version.

Q: How to remove the watermark?

You need to uninstall the trial version and install the full version to convert your video file again.

Q: I have got the reg code, then how to register?

  • If you purchase our program , you will received the email including the register code and the url for downloading the  full version.
  • Please uninstall the trial version, then install the full version.
  • When you run the installed full version,  the register dialog box will pop up. Please copy and paste your email address and register code into the dialog box. Please be note, it is email address you purchased with and not your name.
  • After register, please restart our program again to run.

 Q:I lost my register code , how to get it again?

 You can goto our support center to retrieve your register code.

Q:  I have ever purchased your product, but I lost my program, how to get it again?

 You can goto our support center to retrieve  the latest full version.

Q:  When I tried to use the Customer Service website to see if there were any updates to my software and I carefully entered the information above with my name then I tried to log in, it came back with a message that says:
   " Error! Please check you name, email address and the product you selected! The name and email address should be same as you ever placed order."

Two reason maybe,
1, because you are a new user, your account on our support website will be available within 24 hours.
2.the information you input is not correct, you can e-mail ask for the help.

Q:   What is Cucusoft products' refund policy?

Before deciding to purchase our software, please be sure to download, install, and test-drive the evaluation versions that we provide. Free trial download >>

We do not offer refunds on software when the registration code has already been sent to the customer. We go to great lengths to produce a trial version with which customers can ensure their satisfaction and system compatibility. This allows them to make an informed purchasing decision. Once that purchase has been made, we do not offer a cash refund or an exchange. We feel this policy is consistent with the major software retailers nationwide. During the evaluation period, technical support is available

Q:   My Email address has changed what do I have to do to continue to receive Cucusoft Software upgrade newsletter?

Please modify your information on the website of seller. We will send the emails according the customer list they provide.



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