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Cucusoft PSP Movie/Video Converter History

Version 2.07 (2005-12-11)
1. Change default audio sample rate from 64KHz to 96KHz.
2. Fixed a minor bug on opening advanced setting dialog.

Version 2.02 (2005-12-01)
1.Preview is available on converting.

Version 2.01
1.Fixed a bug on processing audio volume.

Version 2.00 (2005-11-13)
1. A brand new video decoder and encoder engine is available.
2. Support more video formats, e.g. rmvb, rm, WMV3.....
3. More faster than previous version.
4. New Cool Skin is available.

Version 1.06 (2005-11-05)
1. Fixed some minor bug in advanced settings.
2. Make the advanced settings more understandable.

Version 1.05  (2005-11-02)
1. Fixed a bug on handling H.264 Video.

Version 1.03  (2005-11-01)
1. Added Advanced Settings. User can change every audio/Video properties by self.

Version 1.02  (2005-10-30)
1. Fixed a bug to avoid program crash.

Version 1.01 (2005-10-26)
1. Changed some program messages, make them easier to be understood.
2. Added some common video/audio Codecs into setup package.

Version 1.00  (2005-10-22)
1. It's a brand new version.

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