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How To Backup iPhone Contacts

Keep your Contacts protected NOW!

BONUS: "Cucusoft Backup iPhone Contacts" can copy Contacts from all iPhone Series, iPad Series and iPod touch

Cucusoft Backup iPhone Contacts


Are you looking for a software tool that can backup your iPhone Contacts? Cucucosft Backup iPhone Contacts will keep your Contacts safe and protected.


We know how important your Contacts are to you that we are very pleased to present to you Cucusoft Backup iPhone Contacts, a software tool that can backup iPhone Contacts to your computer.  Cucusoft Backup iPhone Contacts can assist you in organizing and transferring your Contacts from your iPhone to your computer. Cucusoft Backup iPhone Contacts can also take a snapshot of your Contacts so your personal information will never be lost. 


Most of us treasure our mobile phones not because they make us look cool and popular but because we value the information we have stored in them such as our Contacts and SMS. Unfortunately, there are times when what we fear the most happens, like our mobile phone being stolen or worst, it gets broken then all the essential information we rely on for our daily routine is forever lost.


So why wait for that dreaded moment when the solution is just a click away? Download Cucusoft Backup iPhone Contacts and keep your Contacts protected now!


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Backup iPhone Contacts

Major Features:

* Can export contacts from iPhone to PC
* Supports multiple export approach
* Can backup and edit copied contacts
* Multiple device compatibility
* Can export SMS from iPhone to computer
* Can backup and edit copied SMS
* Allows multiple export file formats
* Can directly restore contacts and SMS to your iPhone∙

∙only applicable to jailbroken iPhone

Supported Apple Devices:

All iPhone series

All iPad series

iPod Touch

Video Tutorial:

Tutorial (with screenshots):

Open Cucusoft Backup iPhone Contacts

Step 1: Launch Cucusoft Backup iPhone Contacts and plug in your iPhone, then your device name will show in the list.
Step 2: Please select "Contacts".


Step 3: After selecting Contacts, all your contacts will show up in the list on the right part of the software’s interface. 

Step 4: Then click “export” which will initialize the process of transfer.



Step 5: The “Export Mode” dialog box will pop up after you click “export”, you may select where you want to store your contacts.

Step 6: After you have chosen where you want to save your contacts, just click “ok” then this will initiate the export process.


Step 7: Once the export process is done, you will get the "Export Finished" dialog box, please click "OK" to open the output folder.



Step 8: You may now view the copied contacts in the output folder on your computer.



Congratulations! You are now assured that your Contacts are safe and protected.

Ready to download?
Download Cucusoft Backup iPhone Contacts

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