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Must Have Free Codec Download (After you install the following 2 codec pack, your PC can support 99% popular video/audio formats.)
Codec Name Audio/Video File Type Updated Date Size Download
K-Lite Codec Pack Full 9.9.0 Recommend! It contains everything you need to be able to play the most popular and widespread formats. 29 Apr 2013 19.8M Download
Real Alternative Lite 2.0.2 Support all QuickTime movies (.rm, .rmvb, .ra...) 1 Oct 2010 5.3M Download
Google VP8 Video Codec 1.2.0 Google VP8 Video (also called WebM), Some YouTube Video is in this format. 14 Sep 2011 0.5M Download
Option Free Codec (If codec packages above cannot work for you, please try the following Codecs.)
Codec Name Audio/Video File Type Updated Date Size Download
QuickTime Alternative Lite 4.0.0 Support all QuickTime movies (.mov, .qt, .3gp) 6 Aug 2010 16.9M Download
Ac3filter AC3 audios   296K Download
LEADMCMP Codec Mjpg/mjpg videos   1,980B Download
Indeo32 IV30/31/32 videos   172K Download
Codinstl IV50 videos   1.8M Download

Tools required:

DVD Author - MPEG to VOB Converter1.01, get it here.

    Vobsub2.23, get it here

    Cucusoft Codec Fixer, get it here

    ASPI Driver (for CD/DVD Writer), get it here

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