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Free YouTube Converter

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Free YouTube Download
Free YouTube to MP3
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Warning: You must read this article 1st before you buy any YouTube Converter!

Free Youtube Converter

Presently, there are a lot of YouTube Converter software (YouTube to mp3, YouTube to iPad,...) offered in the internet.  However, most of them are shareware which means you need to pay for the software. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there is a free software that is more stable, has more features and can do the exact same job? 


Most freeware available for download will install a spyware, adware and third-party plugin to your computer once you download it, so you need to be very cautious about it and make sure that you choose a freeware that was developed by a software company that has a particularly good reputation.


We at Cucusoft are very pleased to tell you all about the remarkable YouTube converter that we designed, we call it YouTube Mate. This is a clean, stable and guaranteed safe to download freeware.  Once you download and install this software, you will be surprised because it is as if you installed a total of 53 useful freeware (listed at the right side) in just a single installation.


To learn more about the amazing YouTube Mate, please carry on reading this article as we are about to show you how simple and easy it is to download and enjoy your favorite YouTube videos with the use of our program.

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What're the 53 freeware:

Major Features:

Free YouTube Download
Free YouTube Download HD
Free YouTube Player
Free YouTube to MP3
Free YouTube to iPad/iPhone/iPod
Free YouTube Video Converter

YouTube to Apple Devices:

Free YouTube to iPod
Free YouTube to iPhone
Free YouTube to iPad
Free YouTube to Zune
Free YouTube to Apple TV

YouTube to Game Devices:

Free YouTube to PSP
Free YouTube to NDS
Free YouTube to PS3
Free YouTube to Wii
Free YouTube to Xbox 360

YouTube to MP3/MP4 Players:

Free YouTube to Archos
Free YouTube to Creative Zen
Free YouTube to SanDisk Sansa
Free YouTube to Sony Walkman

YouTube to Android Phones:

Free YouTube to Nokia
Free YouTube to BlackBerry
Free YouTube to Palm Pre
Free YouTube to Google Phone
Free YouTube to Android
Free YouTube to LG
Free YouTube to Motorola
Free YouTube to Sony Ericsson
Free YouTube to 3GPP

YouTube to Video Format:

Free YouTube to ASF
Free YouTube to AVI
Free YouTube to H.264
Free YouTube to MPEG-2
Free YouTube to MPEG-4
Free YouTube to QuickTime Video
Free YouTube to Trp File
Free YouTube to Ts Video
Free YouTube to VOB
Free YouTube to WMV
Free YouTube to Flash Video
Free YouTube to FLV
Free YouTube to SWF

YouTube to Disk Media:

Free YouTube to DVD
Free YouTube to VCD
Free YouTube to SVCD
Audio File Format:
Free YouTube to ACC
Free YouTube to AC3
Free YouTube to M4A
Free YouTube to MKA
Free YouTube to MP2
Free YouTube to MP3
Free YouTube to RA
Free YouTube to Sun Au Format
Free YouTube to WMA
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Free YouTube to MP3 Guide:

Video Tutorial:

Text and Picture Tutorial:

Step 1: Launch the "YouTube Mate" software.
free youtube converter screenshot 1

Step 2: Open the YouTube website to search for the video you wish to download then go to the address bar, highlight the URL and click "Ctrl+c" to copy the URL.
free youtube converter screenshot 2

Step 3: A "Download YouTube Video" dialog box will pop up automatically. In this dialog box, you don't need to change anything, just click "ok" button to continue to the next step.
free youtube converter screenshot 3

Step 4: A "Select Video Format" dialog box will then appear automatically. In this dialog box, you may select your preferred video resolution. (YouTube Mate will auto-detect all the formats that the current video clip supports, and list them all in the following dialog box.)
Step 5: Click "continue" button to proceed to next step.
free youtube converter screenshot 4

Step 6: In this step, you need not to do anything, just wait until the download is finished. You wil then notice that a new download task is added in the task list which will look exactly like the one shown below.
free youtube converter screenshot 5

If you would like to know where the YouTube video you just downloaded went to, please do the following option steps. If you want to convert YouTube to MP3, please skip the consecutive two steps.
(Option Step 7:) Click "open" button, a pop up menu will appear.
(Option Step 8:) Select the second line "Open Download Destination Folder". Then YouTube Mate will open a folder, you can see the YouTube video you just downloaded is under that folder.
free youtube converter screenshot 6

YouTube to MP3

The subsequent steps will show you how to convert YouTube to MP3.

Step 9: Click the combo-box of profile as the following screenshot to select an output profile.
free youtube converter screenshot 7

Step 10: A profile drop down menu will pop up, please select "Common Audio" and then select "MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio (.mp3)".
free youtube converter screenshot 8

Step 11: Click "Convert" from the Menu.
Step 12: Select "Start Conversion".
free youtube converter screenshot 9

Step 13: Just wait until the status states "Conversion done".
free youtube converter screenshot 10

Step 14: Click "open" button, a pop up menu will appear.
Step 15: Select the first line "Open Conversion Output Folder". Then YouTube Mate will open a folder, you can see the MP3 file/s you just converted in the said folder.
free youtube converter screenshot 11

It's that simple and your done. Enjoy the free YouTube Converter!

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