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How to "like us" in our freeware

The following few steps show you how to like us.

Step 1: In software, click "Go to like us!" button. Then a web browser will be launched automatically, and our website will be open in the browser.

Step 2: In web browser, please find "Share with your friends!" session, and you will find your email is already wrote on there. (This email should be same as you registered for our software)
Step 3: Please click "Facebook Like" button or "g +1" button.

(Step 4: Optional) This step is optional. If you already logged in Facebook, please skip this step and step 5. Please input your facebook Email and Password.
(Step 5: Optional) This step is optional, please refer to step 4. Click "Log In" button to log in Facebook.

(Step 6: Optional) This step is optional. if you do not see a "Confirm" link there, please skip this step and step 7. Please click the "Confirm" link. Then a Facebook Confirm Like page will appear.

(Step 7: Optional) This step is optional, please refer to step 6. Please click "Like" Button.

Step 8: Please wait for a moment (6-10seconds) after you click "Facebook Like" or "g +1", your web browser will automatically jump to the "Thanks for the like" page. If you see that, it means you are successfully "like us". Otherwise, you are failed to "like us". Please don't hesitate to write an email to us to report if you your meet any problem. We are glad to help you fix any problems ASAP.

Step 9: Now the last step. Please go back to the software as the very beginning. Click the "Remind me later!" button to close the nag dialog. Then restart the software again. You will see the nag dialog won't appear any more.


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