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Cucusoft Net Guard Special Thanks
We are so glad that so many people are willing to help us translate Net Guard to their own Language. We would like to list their name and email here as our special thanks. If you would like to help us translate to your native language, please contact

Language Translator Translator's Website Translator's Email
Italy Onofrio Tota
Spanish Brook Gonsowski    
German Jane Gonsowski    
French Michele Castegnaro
Albanian Richard Grice    
Chinese Jianchun    
Greek Aldi Duzha
Portuguese-Brazilian Mateus Batalha
Arabic DZ Chameleon
Polish S.Freling    
Russian Иванович Владимир    
Persian Hamid Khourani
Dutch Ronald Richard    
Hungarian and Romanian c.s.s.- c.c.a. Rad Aeneas László

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