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Cucusoft Mpeg/Mov/RMVB/DivX/AVI to VCD/DVD/SVCD - Video Converter History

Version 7.07
1. Fixed an audio processing bug.

Version 7.06
1. Fixed audio synch issues.
2. New Help Documentation is available.

Version 7.05
1. Fixed a minor bug on processing image.
2. DVD/VCD/SVCD Burner UI is improved by ICON buttons.
3. Fixed a bug on splitting output .VOB.
Version 7.03
1. Fixed a bug on DVD Author.
2. Rename One-Click-Burn mode to On-The-Fly mode.
3. Auto Close session after burn a Disc as default.

Version 7.02
1. Added a stand alone DVD/VCD/SVCD Burner Engine.

Version 7.01
1. Added One-Click-Burn-Disc mode in Advanced settings. That supports direct create a video disc after clicking the "Convert & Burn" button.
2. Fixed some bugs about "VCD/DVD/SVCD Burner Engine".
3. Fixed a minor about "DVD Author Express".

Version 7.00
1. "VCD/DVD/SVCD Video Burner Engine" is integrated.
2. "DVD Author Express" is integrated.
3. Optimized for 64-bit CPU including Intel EM64T and AMD64.

Version 6.33
1. Fixed a bug on processing low bitrate video stream.

Version 6.32
1. Added a function that can auto-adjust max. video bitrate.

Version 6.31
1. Fixed a bug on detecting CUP type.
2. Set default output frame rate to 23.97 frames/sec in order to reduce output file size.

Version 6.29
1. Fixed a sound problem with .mov file.

Version 6.28
 1. Adjusted default split size.
 2. Fixed a Video Buffer bug.
Version 6.26
1. Optimized for 64-bit CPU including Intel EM64T and AMD64. Now you can get double speed faster than previous version on a 64-bit CPU.

Version 6.25
1. Fixed a bug on output resolution. (Output size can be 1280*1024 or bigger)

Version 6.23
1. Fixed a bug on processing .rm and .rmvb audio.

Version 6.22
1. Fixed some bug on converting special audio format.

Version 6.21
1. Output files will be saved to a specified folder.

Version 6.19
1. Added trial time selection for trial version.
2. Fixed a sound bug about .MOV file.

Version 6.18
1. New Data Multiplex engine is available. Speed up to +30%

Version 6.17
1. Beta Version.

Version 6.16
1. Beta Version.

Version 6.15
1. Fixed a bug about writing log when conversion done.

Version 6.13
1. Supported RGB32 color space.
2. Fixed a bug on merging several video files.

Version 6.11
1. Adjusted SVCD output levels to avoid AV out of synch.
2. Added a check box on Codec Detector Dialog, so this dialog can be skipped next time.
3. Added file system info into log file.
4. Fixed a bug on converting no-sound video to MPEG1/MPEG2.

Version 6.09
1. Fixed a problem about SVCD audio synch issue.
2. Removed a jumping line under the output picture.
3. Reduced output file size, save a lot of your discs.
4. New log Engine, powerful log engine can help us to fix your problem.

Version 6.08
1. Fixed a minor bug about output split feature.
2. .wmv, .asf and .mov is supported as source video.
3. No sound video file is supported as source video.

Version 6.06
1. Fixed a bug on DVD time. (error time be displayed on DVD player)
2. Fixed a minor bug about rename function.

Version 6.05
1. Fixed a big bug in new Encoder Engine that MPEG-2 file picture is perfect on PC but broken on DVD Player.
2. Added a Conversion Speed/Quality Mode option. (Two levels for VCD and ten levels for DVD/SVCD)
3. Conversion Speed is improved by 10% again than the last version.
4. The output quality is improved again. Highest quality you can get now.

Version 6.03
1. Fixed a minor bug about "flip vertical" option.
2. Fixed a minor bug about Flash Buffer size.

Version 6.02
1. Fixed a minor bug about "Flip Vertical" feature.
2. More detail log information is collected. It can help customer to find/fix the problems.

Version 6.01
1. Fixed a minor bug on open movie file.
2. Smooth the converting preview.

Version 6.00
1. Improved the output video quality for VCD/DVD/SVCD.
2. Improved Encoder Engine, the video conversion speed is even 2 times faster than real-time on converting AVI to DVD. That means  it can convert a movie within 30 minutes. (The conversion speed also depends on your CPU, our data comes from a PC with P4 2.6G CPU)

Version 5.12
1. Fixed a bug on adding subtitle.

Version 5.08
1. Fixed a Video merging bug.

Version 5.03
1. Support "Drag and Drop"
2. Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 4.60
1. Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 4.58
1. The converting speed has been improved by 30% than last version.

Version 4.56
1. Added a patch for Windows 2000 and XP SP2

Version 4.53
1. Added a patch for Win XP SP2

Version 4.29
1. Added "Advanced Settings" option.
2. The conversion speed of VCD has been improved by 50%.

Version 4.15
1. Supported mpg/vob/asf/wmv/... files to DVD/VCD/SVCD/MPEG

Version 4.0
1. Updated the conversion engine.
2. From this version, customer center website is available.

Version 3.00
1. Upgrade from text User Interface to graphic User Interface. Easier to use, event without help doc.
2. Supported more avi file format.

Version 2.00
1. Added split output MPEG file feature. This function can split a large file into small piece, so that these piece can be burned onto a CD.
2. Added output format options. NTSC and PAL is supported.

Version 1.00
First version.


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